Our Expertise

Social Sustainability

SITEK Caspian does not only depend on the skills, abilities and commitment of all its human resources, but also on the level of reliability, self-discipline, good sense and personal integrity owned and shared by all employees.

SITEK Caspian wants to combine its aspirations of entrepreneurial success with the maintenance and development of a trust relationship with all those directly or indirectly involved or interested in the company’s activity, including customers, employees, suppliers and competitors.

As a result, SITEK Caspian :

  • Aims at providing its customers with quality products and services, safe and in compliance with requirements, at fair prices and at treating its customers with honesty and respect
  • Achieves the objectives of profit growth, but at the same time carries out its activity paying special attention to the observance of the principles and rules contained in SITEK Caspian “Code of ethics”
  • Provides its employees and collaborators with a working environment that allows their professional and personal aspirations to be met to the full while helping them to achieve competitive success
  • Acts in an ethical manner as a responsible subject
  • Treats its suppliers loyally, honestly and impartially
  • Competences within the limits set forth by Law and SITEK Caspian “Code of ethics”

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