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About us

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We provide engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance solutions to our clients in Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Mining. We combine our vast worldwide experience of working in construction projects since 1945 with the knowledge of the local market and people. We specialize in industrial electrical and instrumentation, cathodic protection, chemical cleaning and hydrotesting. We focus on Kazakhstan and Russia markets. We value our people and their safety.

About Company

SITEK has been delivering quality electrical, instrumentation and control engineering services in Kazakhstan since 2011.

We operate across different industrial sectors such as Oil &Gas, Refinery, Power, Petrochemical and Pharma offering a wide range of services in the field of electrical and instrumentation works, well supported by our long historical presence and experience on international market

SITEK is the joint venture between SITIE Impianti Industriali and AQ Holdings. SITEK is present in Kazakhstan since 2011 and in Russia since 2019. SITIE Impianti Industriali was established in Italy in 1945. Our team has international experience and expertise to deliver work at all stages of production - from early phases of the project to its final stage of commissioning and start-up.

We have an extensive track record of projects executed to the highest quality, agreed schedules and within the budget. Our services are enhanced through many associations and established working relationships with local and international contractors and specialist vendors. We have considerable experience in alliances and working agreements with third parties to combine our joint resources for the successful execution of projects.

Our Vision and Values

We aim to provide efficient and safe working environments from which our clients can achieve their overall goals and ambitions. Our core values guide us in everything we do, day by day:

  • Customer orientation - We believe that a full understanding of customer needs and flexible provision of tailored solutions is the key to the successful completion of the projects, and the sustainable and commercially successful operation of SITEK.
  • Expertise - Along with the high-quality equipment and technology, our company considers skilled labor an indispensable condition. We are proud to have generations working together at our company, who focus on sharing of knowledge and ongoing training.
  • Responsibility - Our company works on the principle of personal responsibility. Clearly defined responsibilities are allocated to each project to ensure the accuracy and quality of the work.
  • People - Our employees demonstrate good teamwork and maximum performance to achieve the common goal. People are the heart of our business.