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The main value of SITEK is its employees. Working in our team means to have the real possibility of self-improving as professional and person making new targets and gradually striving to achieve them.

Feel free to submit your CV. We are constantly hiring engineers for our ongoing and future projects.

Working Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday, Sunday: Weekend

We are looking for:

    Building Management System (BMS) Engineer

    Kazakhstan passport holders are considered only.


    • Design control strategies for HVAC, lighting, security, and other building systems based on the capabilities of Metasys.
    • Develop custom programming and configuration within the Metasys platform to implement control logic, alarms, schedules, and sequences of operation.
    • Integrate various building systems, devices, and equipment with the Metasys platform using supported protocols like BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, etc.
    • Metasys Graphics and User Interface.
    • Testing and Commissioning with Metasys.
    • Metasys Troubleshooting and Support.
    • Documentation and Training for User Interface.

    Requirements and skills:

    • Automation and Control higher education.
    • Previous experience in projects where Metasys by Johnson Controls has been used.
    • Knowledge of “Metasys by Johnson Controls”.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Availability to work on site upon needs.


    Kazakhstan passport holders are considered only.

    Description of the position: The Key Account Manager is responsible for growing company’s revenue by ensuring that Key Client is satisfied with services provided. He/she will be the Client’s contact point to get invited for new tenders, developing trust relationship to ensure it does not turn to competition. He/she will help the Proposal Team to design the commercial offer based on project’s specifics, having thorough understanding of client’s needs and requirements. He/she is not involved in the daily project’s tasks, but on-demand he/she will support the Project Management Team on strategic choices.


    • Serving as contact point for key customer.
    • Researching key customer wants and needs.
    • Developing and maintaining strategic long-term trusting relationships.
    • Suggesting solutions that answer client’s needs and wants.
    • Ensuring the projects are delivered in timely and quality manner, interfacing the Project Management Team (Project Manager, or Construction Manager).

    Requirements and skills:

    • Electrical and/or Automation higher education.
    • Previous experience in construction, in the Electrical and/or automation projects.
    • “Working by target” mindset, and not “working by tasks”.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Availability to travel to the site (Tengiz) upon needs.

    What we offer:

    • Competitive salary, and bonuses based on targets.
    • Flexibility to arrange the daily working schedule.

    Work Pack Preparer

    Kazakhstan passport holders are considered only.


    • Make field inspections and determine the scope of the activities required to execute the preventive and predictive tasks identified.
    • Develop work pack for maintenance jobs with necessary tasks, estimate hours, the disciplines, materials, special tools, and services to allow efficient scheduling, assignment and execution of maintenance work.
    • Ensure work orders under their control (up to EXEC) are planned for completion within the LAFD dates.
    • Produce a JHA (job hazard analysis) as preparation for the permit which is attached to each work order.
    • Determine materials not meeting ROS (Required on Site Date) dates and perform rough cut schedule. Follow-up the buyers if required.
    • Conduct materials bagging and tagging and physically checks the quality and quantity of materials or spares in the staging area.
    • Create, use and maintain technical files to include information in current work pack and to anticipate and avoid job delays.
    • Responsible for strict adherence to site safety practices, operation and maintenance management procedures, ROK requirements, and international standards.
    • Comply with ROK and Corporate Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental Laws/Regulations.

    Requirements and skills:

    • Diploma / Qualification in discipline Engineering.
    • Knowledge of common modes of failure applicable to large industrial equipment packages and ancillary equipment as a build on RCA reference.
    • Minimum 5 years related maintenance experience working in an oil & gas industry.
    • Technician experience and demonstrated technical supervisory performance are a must.
    • Proven Skill in maintenance execution within discipline, especially in work planning and preparation in SAP (or another CMMS).
    • Knowledge of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance techniques.

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