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Our organization of the work is our strength. Strong Health and Safety culture drives all our activities – our priority is to coach best safety practices and prevent rather than react to incidents. We incentivize safe behavior through the reward system. Top skills of our construction crews, carefully selected via technically-oriented criteria and trained through dedicated programs, amplified by the plan-centered approach create advantages for mechanical completion of systems.

Particularly Proud

The Cathodic Protection Division serves clients to accomplish all the aspect of corrosion monitoring, detection, prevention and maintenance.

Main Activities We Can Perform

Process Package and Local Equipment Room assembly

Process Instrument and electrical equipment installation

F&G ,Firefighting and Alarm system installation

DCS/PLC/ESD/Telecom/CCTV/FOC Sys. Installation

Heat Tracing system installation

Mechanical Completion

Cathodic Protection

HVAC System

Hook-up works

Chemical Cleaning and Hydrotesting

We work onshore
as well as offshore
We are certified for the most complex projects
Sea expertise in Central Asia

Detailed Brochures

In service brochures you will find the most detailed description of our services.