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Quanergy's patented M8™ LiDAR sensor is a proven LiDAR powerhouse. This compact and rugged sensor comes at a breakthrough price and was designed to meet the demands of the most challengingreal-world applications. Multiple laser beams and Time-of-Flight (TOF) range measurement result in 3D point clouds for spatial sensing. The M8 is the first cost-effective, high-definition TOF LiDAR sensor enabling ubiquitous use of smart sensing in harsh environments. The sensor operates reliably under challenging lighting and weather conditions including dust, mist, rain and snow. Several models are available in the M8 family of LiDAR sensors to better serve Quanergy’s diverse customer base and market applications. Depending on industry and range requirements, choose from the M8-Core, M8-Plus, M8-Ultra or M8-PoE+. Additionally, the M8 LiDAR sensor is designed and manufactured under the highest quality and reliability standards, which include compliance with Quanergy's ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. As a result of serving the automotive industry, the M8 was developed from the ground up to be a highly robust and dependable product.


QORTEX™ for Security is the most innovative and intelligent LiDAR-based, 3D perimeter fencing and intrusion detection system. An integrated hardware and software platform, this security solution combines Quanergy’s M8™ LiDAR sensor with QORTEX perception software. The M8 LiDAR sensor is a patented and proven LiDAR powerhouse with a 360˚ field of view. QORTEX incorporates machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to identify objects. QORTEX for Security adds an accurate and reliable virtual fence that will substantially reinforce perimeter security for critical infrastructure with these capabilities:

• Operate in complete darkness or daylight and in challenging weather conditions
• Track multiple objects at the same time
• Generate few false alarms
• Create events based on trigger zones to track multiple subjects at the same time
• Create accurate 3D location data LiDAR technology is the way of the future for security applications, replacing traditional solutions such as radar and microwave sensors. Quanergy’s powerful security platform is fully integrated into existing VMS and PSIM infrastructure, offering surveillance automation with real-time people detection, classification and tracking. Quanergy is disrupting the security market, enabling an entirely new level of smart awareness along with the reduction of total system and labor costs.


Qortex DTC software suite is developer friendly and allows for application development and easy integration with already existing applications. Quanergy LiDARs can be purchased as a Software Development Kit that contains everything required for custom application development such as interface cables, connectors, detailed datasheets, user guides and Application Programming Interface. As an example of such custom development, S3 solid state LiDAR installed on a door frame is used to count the number of people entering and leaving a building. The sensor in this scenario feeds directly into a back-end database from which both real-time and historic data is fetched to be displayed on the frond end graphical user interface. Application can handle input from multiple sensors and display analytics such as the number of people inside a building in real-time, people flow and occupancy rates. Such information can be useful in managing queues, determining facilities occupancy rates and forming evacuation lists during emergencies. In a similar fashion, M8 sensors can also be used to create Event Zones, software defined virtually fenced areas crossing of which triggers network actions like camera recordings or alarms. Such virtual fences can be used in open space outdoor areas to create FME (Foreign Materials Exclusion) and Valueable Asset Protection zones in open field construction, fabrication and mining sites.
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Application Example: Using S3 LiDAR to quantify Crowd Flow and Occupancy Rates

Application Example: Using M8 LiDAR to quantify Crowd Flow and Occupancy Rates