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Failover systems

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Maintenance of complex industrial systems is our core expertise where we have accumulated very valuable experience
serving major clients such as NCOC (Kashagan Onshore and Offshore Project).
Our engineers, electricians, technicians, inspectors and specialists provide services:

Activities We Can Perform

Instrument functional calibration

Programmed maintenance check

Spare parts

Cathodic Protection programmed maintenance

Work Pack Preparation and Document Controlling

HVAC system maintenance

Cathodic Protection system overhauling, monitoring and troubleshooting

UPS and Low Voltage equipment maintenance

Ex-rated equipment inspection

PLC analysis

Metrology equipment calibration and planning as per local standards

We monitor health
of your infrastructure
Providing the TOP experience with our services
No work termination regardless of your work intensity

Detailed Brochures

In service brochures you will find the most detailed description of our services.