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Mechanical Completion

It is a process to deliver completed system to Commissioning for functional test. It has duty to collect all inspections and pack them to prove to Commissioning that construction is completed as per engineering and design.


It is a process of testing the system, certifying that functionality are in accordance with Final User’s expectation. Commissioning will then deliver the system to Final user.

Why we offer Mechanical Completion & Commissioning Services?

Mechanical Completion & Commissioning appear at the end of the project, not continuously during life-cycle of a company; on-field experience shows that for Company (Main Contractors and Oil Company) is not always convenient to deploy “in-house” but they outsource (database, coordinators, supervisors, technicians).

It’s a critical process, it’s bottleneck of all disciplines (Civil, Structure, Piping, E&I, Painting) and all phases (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). Projects schedules are always tight, and the overlap with construction causes with huge impact on progress.

Activities We Can Perform

Sitek Caspian successfully completed several projects delivering to commissioning full-clean package of inspections, focusing on
planning and coordination with construction to deliver within schedules for the benefit of the Project

E&I Calibration testing

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Activity

Start-up follow up and assistance

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