Process and Specialty Services

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Our clients in oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries benefit from Process and Specialty Services team expertise and experience. Our track record consists of many successful projects in Kazakhstan.


Leak testing / N2 pumping / purging

SITEK P&SS provides nitrogen/helium (N2 /He) commissioning leak testing and other associated nitrogen services on any pipeline or process system during construction of new plant or equipment. These services can be provided during the commissioning phases of new constructions or following modification and upgrade to existing process piping or plant. These services can also be provided to production installations offshore and to petrochemical, refining and process plants onshore. SITEK’s commitment to superior and innovative services offerings is backed by our technical competency. By applying our experience and knowledge, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to our client’s facilities that minimize the impact of pre-commissioning and shutdown events on facility operations and prevent unnecessary delays and costs prior to start-up.

We perform:

  • N2 / He leak testing services
  • Nitrogen pumping/testing
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Pipe freezing
  • Foaming
  • Preservation


Chemical cleaning

SITEK’s methods are evolved to meet the highest demands of environmental legislation, and the products we use have been created to meet present day requirements.

Oil flushing

Cleanliness of systems is paramount prior to production and certification of cleanness is essential during the construction/ commissioning phases of any project. Typically, systems such as lube oil, BOP, Wellhead Control and umbilical all require certification of cleanliness.

Tank-/Vessel cleaning

SITEK can perform cleaning of tanks offshore and onshore, cleaning of ballast tanks when damaged, large storage tanks for decommissioning and daily cleaning of tanks onboard supply vessels. KOR M1 Reservoir Cleaning Complex Unit (RCCU) has a series of advantages compared to traditional tank cleaning. The method requires less time and simplifies both the work and the waste management.


SITEK main operational personnel have an extensive experience in the removal of hydrocarbons prior to shut downs and during decommissioning/ cessation activities.

We perform:

  • Cleaning in Place (CIP)
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Steaming with chemical injection
  • Oil flushing / oil cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Tank-/Vessel cleaning
  • Preservation
  • Decommissioning


Pressure/Vacuum testing

SITEK can perform testing by either vacuum or pressure to prove the integrity of the system ensuring the system is ‘fit for purpose’ and to obtain the relevant necessary certification. These procedures can be functional on system components such as pipes, tanks, valves and other equipment. The operation is performed using fluids (liquid or gas) and all metering instrumentation is supplied with relevant traceable certification of calibration and documentation packages. During testing the pressure will be visible on gauges, and logged on data or mechanical logger.

Plugging technology

We offer pipe plugs and pressure testing tools to greatly simplify and speed-up pressure testing of piping, tubing, pipe & tube systems, pressure vessels and a multitude of special applications.

We perform:

  • Pressure testing
  • Vacuum testing
  • Plugging services


Flange management

Prior to project commence the SITEK will perform works with clients to design safe, leak free, and consistent bolt loads prior to shut down or during construction projects. This process often requires detailed flange stress calculations as well as identifying any tooling requirements, special procedures and training that may be required. Possible other outputs can include reviews of lubricant coefficients, gasket types and bolt loads.

Bolting services

SITEK has engineers and senior leads with an extensive experience in the execution of controlled tightening to any bolted joint and the provision of mechanical joint integrity. Our skilled technicians will provide a leak free joint on process system connections and offer the added assurance of a leak free start up. SITEK will provide improved methods for the tightening of bolted flange connections. These methods of tightening are essential for systems that are exposed to severe operating conditions or where a correct stress distribution in the bolted joint is required.

We perform:

  • Flange management
  • Bolting services
  • Flange Facing


High-pressure water jetting - also referred to as hydro-jetting or high-pressure pipe cleaning is a powerful cleaning method designed to clear blockages in drains or pipes. This process blasts pressurized water through the affected pipe, removing all solids and residues for a thorough, long lasting clean. When done regularly by a trained technician, it can even help to prevent future systems issues. Automated water blasting can reduce the number of workers needed to complete a job and cut overall project time in more than half. Because there is no need for confined space entry, and operators are kept clear of hazards, our 3-D tools and positioners clean tanks and vessels even more effectively than shotgun cleaning. Operators can manipulate 2 or 3 flex hoses at the same time by remote, and our track-lancing equipment offers the same safety and precision for 12K, 20K, and 40K applications. Our automated technology also allows for remote shotgunning and pipe cleaning with rotary jetting tools.

We perform:

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Dry Ice Cleaning
  • Sewer Tube Cleaning
  • Tube Bundle Cleaning
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Surface Prep for Tanks/Concrete