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RFID Asset Tracking & Management hardware consists of readers, antennas and tags. An RFID reader is a specialized RF transceiver that forward transmits RF energy through high frequency coaxial cable to the antenna to propagate and receives the reflected energy from the tags backwards through the same antenna and coaxial cable. Such arrangement that uses the same antenna and cable both for transmitting and receiving is called monostatic configuration, whereas an arrangment for separate antennas and cables for transmitting and receiving is called bistatic configuration. RFID tags have small IC chips embedded in them that contain a tiny bit of digital information that includes a unique ID code that gets injected to the reflected energy.The unique ID code found in every RFID allows for identification of both individually and collectively tagged items by cross checking with the database of asset identifiers that is performed in the software.


UHF, GPS, BLE, RTLS and other RFID technologies promise to revolutionize Enterprise Asset Management systems by efficiently providing real time, physical asset tracking, locationing and monitoring. With the right technology asset location and status tracking can be automated in real time through a fixed infrastructure or can become a less labour intensive and more accurate manual process using portable mobile readers. Regardless of the means accurate asset location and status information provide many significant business benefits such as visibility and transparency into Asset Management and subsequently Increased Security.


Some of the most promising benefits of RFID come from sharing RFID data with partners to improve collaborative processes. In order to achieve this, we provide:

- Soap/XML/JSON/MSMQ/Remoting services to do data exchange in real time
- Direct Database connectivity to partner database
- UI Controls to be integrated in partner application to cut down the development time to almost zero
- Data filtering/event generation to which partner application can subscribe

Application areas

Asset Localization

Asset Tracking

Asset Protection

Automatic Inventory

People Tracking

Access Control

Timesheet Automation

Payroll Management

Electronic Toll Collection

Workforce Tracking &
Automatic Access Control and Payroll Management

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