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Each project brings its specifics, by Client’s requirements or by equipment’s Manufacturers. There is not a project, the same as the previous; it will be a different Client, and the choices on equipment and brands will be different from the previous project. The biggest source of troubles during installation, testing and commissioning is the lack of expertise on the project’s specifics: on average even the most experienced technician will find “new specs” during the new project. Sitek initiate each project with “On-site Trainings”, customized to the specifications of the Client, and on each equipment’s peculiarity.

The training is designed by the Quality Department, closely with Construction and Commissioning team. Each specialist will go through an induction onsite and a practical demonstration shown by the Quality Team. Then, each specialist will go through a test on a mockup installed in a safe area of the plant; if the mockup will be successful, the specialist will get a certificate and a label to stick on the helmet. Sitek’s database is kept updated, so it’s possible to track the full workforce by trades and mockup. The process is open to the Client, who may choose to witness and eventually to update his own database of Personnel on Board.

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